The Catcher in the Rye

1. Clean-cut cropped jumper // 2. Fornasetti L'Ape Thyme, Cedarwood and Lavender scented candle // 3. The capri cropped mid-rise skinny jeans // 4. Classic sheffield lady //
 5. Agnes stingray sandals // 6. White notebook // 7. Woven diamond bracelet // 8. The catcher in the rye // 9. Black pebbled leather backpack

It's been a while since my last post. So many things i had done in the past few months. A week ago i just celebrated my birthday. It was marvelous! I feel blessed. And just in a week my holiday is over. Will be back to my daily routine soon. In this post, i picked an outfit that describe my holiday life. A simple cozy outfit which is perfect for this weather. In Jakarta, everyday is raining. The weather really really makes me lazy. All i do was sleeping, eating, and going out with some friends if the weather is pretty good.

And by the way I just finished The Catcher in the Rye. Well i think it's not a really good book, but worth enough to read. It's about a boy who's always have a problem with his school. Then he decided to leave his school earlier. He met some old friends and spent many of his money for something that isn't important, such as for a cab. It's not really necessarry because he can walk to there. And he spent his money to rent a prostitute, which in the end he just do nothing with her because he just need someone to talk. But i think this boy is a little bit annoying with his words. And some of his old friends think so too, i can read by the words he said, though. It annoyed people. He loves to go to some bar to spent his night drinking cola and some alkohol that i don't even remember the name. He always order it. But when he's at the hotel bar, he can't buy an alkohol because he need to be 21. He always say "for christ sake", "goddamit", "yellow", "phony" all the time. I can see those words in every chapters. He thinks all people are a phony. No kidding. He always say that people's action or conversation are a phony. But i think people need to be a phony to live in this world. And in the end of the story,  he just say that he just want to end it there. He doesn't feel like to write about how's he after he come back to his house and start his school again, which is makes the reader curious about his life after that. But the bad thing about this book is the story is almost the same in every chapter. It has the same plot in every story which make this book is a little bit boring.


It's been a very long time since my last post! So here, i'm back with some stuff i picked for this month. My favourite is that Casio Watch. You can also look Zalora Accessories for more stuff like that. I found many interesting stuff in there (Click here to see their collection). And by the way Alexander Wang x H&M was launched. I'm so excited for this collaboration. Even though i'm not lucky enough to buy it, because some stuff i want to buy was sold out. 
Enjoy your weekend!


Hi i'm back! It's been a long time since my last post. Well yes as we know as a Uni student i'm really busy with school. Many task i had to do and study everyday. But thank god finally now it's semester break so i can do my happy activities again. Especially no dark circle lol.
This afternoon i saw at about their AW14 collection. As always i love the aesthetic they gave in every collection. Zara collection always caught up my eyes because the minimalism of their collection. Here are some collection i picked from Zara Collection AW14. Mostly i picked their collection in neutral color, white.