April 10th 2014

Yesterday, me and my sis went to Bandung. It's been a long time since our last trip to Bandung. We were going there to meet my dad's friends.
This is Congo Art Gallery and Café. I saw many good wood furniture, etc. The food in here was really good, that's why i can't resist it! For menu recommendation: Sop Buntut Bakar
Found this beautiful plants in Congo. Actually in the first picture i love the texture of the table. That's why i took a picture of it.
And then we went to Selasar Soenaryo Art Space. In here we met my dad's friend. He's an artist. And fyi that's his work. He's really unique with his hat and his glasses as his image. And ps in every work, there's always "him" in it.


Recently, i'm really enjoy watching cat videos on youtube. What on earth this creature made and think. They're just so funny and cute. Can't stop adoring them until the very end of the video
Help me to stop watching this. I just can't.... ugh.


1. My baby Austin Butler. I'm in love with him, especially when he became Sebastian Kydd at  The Carrie Diaries. He's just "wow" | 2. I don't know i just like him and the gif! You should see the gif here | 3. Balloon Vender in Prismatic, David Douglas Duncan, Paris, 1973 - SO COOL! | 4. Felicity Jones for Vogue UK, February 2014. Love the simplicity and pastel color on this photo. | 5. Cake Photo which means my birthday is this month and i don't even excited at all because now i'm 18 and i don't really want it. | 6. That candies photo was really tempting | 7. Last photo was my activity towards this holiday. What a great holiday, yay!

Just found out this tutorial on tumblr. Oh my god what? It's so easy! When i had a long hair, it's really hard for me to curl my hair. But now i just saw this and missed my long hair. Really want to try this when i have a long hair again.
source: DIY Ideas


Dear whoever knows me and want to buy me some gift for my birthday, here's a gift guide for you so i could be more happy receive it haha!
1. Fujifil Instax 7s so i can take manyyy pictures for my journal | 2. NYLON JAPAN January 2014 bcs miss Mizuhara was in that issue | 3. IT by Alexa Chung bcs who doesn't want that book? Everyone want that book include me | 4. Rookie Yearbook Two so i can read more article on Rookie + get more STICKERSSS! | 5. Burger Candy please i need this to realese my stress

And on my birthday i want to be this lady...
And marry this man.
End. Thank you.