Tummy Treat

Today was a great day for me. 

In the morning I woke up around at 10 a.m. #holidaylife. And than I'm going to my Grandma's house. Yes it's been a routine since I'm on holiday. But I'm happy for it, because I got #freewifi! As you know I'm moving away since Oct 2014 to some place that I don't really enjoy until now. But the only thing that makes me love this new home is...

I can meet Val mostly 3 times/week. 


Everything in my new house is not complete. What I mean is my new house is not done yet. The second floor is not done. So we're living only at the first floor. And it's pretty tiny! We only have two rooms. Me + mum + sis sleep in my mum's bedroom and my bro sleep in my dad's-office-or something-to-be. Meanwhile my dad is still sleeping at our living room because he can't stand the coldness of air conditioner. #truth. But these day my dad is going to Surabaya back and forth so there are only four people who live in this tiny little house.

And tonight me and Val was having a dinner at Union.

Not a big fan of Union tho. But worth to try! I ate Braised Wagyu Beef Fried Rice with Egg and Chili Jam. It taste good, but the wagyu is not as tender as I expected. And the Chili Jam is not so good when you eat it with your Fried Rice. But the taste of the Fried Rice is good tho, and the portion is not too big. BUT....

Don't ever eat their cake by yourself. It's all because the portion is just too big! Trust me. Share your cake with one or two of your friends. Once I ordered, I forgot the name, but it's a cheese cake, and it's REALLY BIG! Cake is their speciality tho, especially the red velvet one. But I don't really like red velvet so I didn't ordered it.

Union //
Street Gallery, Lantai Ground
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah
Open Hours 11h - 2h
021-29529781 & 021-29529783
More Info, Click Here

Depression. Tired. Everything was a messed up.

Since today, i decided to change my blog into my journal. A real journal, where i write every opinion i had and my life. Let's get started.

As you can see, my life is really messed up right now. Saya gagal menjalankan kuliah dengan mulus. I was failed on the subject that have more priority than the others. Kecewa? Sangat. Bagaimana tidak kecewa. Saya sudah mati-matian agar mata kuliah tersebut lulus. Namun nasib berkata lain. My mom said everything will be ok. But i can't stop thinking about it. I cried even more when i met my boyf.

I cried and cried.

Kegagalan merupakan suatu awal dari kesuksesan.
Saya yakin saya mampu untuk lulus mata kuliah tersebut. Namun untuk saat ini mungkin usaha saya masih kurang. Menyesal? Sangat. Penyesalan memang selalu datang terakhir. 

Yang saya selalu pikirkan dalam hal ini adalah...

Saya akan tambah kuliah satu tahun lagi.

One year is not a short time. Tapi semua sudah terjadi. Apa yang dapat saya lakukan lagi? Sekarang yang saya butuhkan hanya dukungan dari orang-orang terdekat saya. Mereka yang dapat mengembalikan semangat kuliah saya lagi. 

Usaha yang lebih sangat dibutuhkan di semester depan agar IPK saya tidak turun karena IPK itu lah yang akan menjadi modal saya nantinya. Maybe right now i was failed, but i believe i can do better. 

This is not the end, kei.

All-White Day!

Mango Clutch, Daniel Wellington Watch, NYX Compact Powder, Topshop Cream Blush, H&M Red Lipstick, The Face Shop Liptint, Victorias Secret Body Spray

Yesterday me and some of my friends are going out to have a lunch together. Finally i had a quality time together with them. We're recently didn't have time together because this uni stuff is killing us! We had a different schedule so we're not that often to meet either in uni or outsides. We're going to Sophie Authetique French Bakery to celebrate my super-late-birthday. It's a super cozy place! It'll be on my list for my study place. The pastries are amazing. I ordered Chocolate Croissant which is really good. A few days ago i bought these make-up stuff. I don't know why but recently i'm just really into it. I'm madly in love with NYX Compact Powder and the H&M Red Lipstick. The Lipstick is really long lasting! I applied it in the morning, then i eat & drink, until at night it still red. I didn't apply it over and over again. I only applied it once. 

And then after from Authentique, we're going to The Cat Cabin. The Cat Cabin is a place where we can play with the cats. There's a cafe too in there. The entry fee is 50k/hour which is not that expensive. It's a new place so everyone are curious to go there. That's why it's really crowded. You should wait until the other person is done. But thank god the person before us was canceled, so we can go in without waiting. The cats in there are really cute. I recommended this place if you're a cat person.

After a long day having a good time my friends, N picked me up at night. Yesterday is our 15th Months Anniversary. Suddenly he gave me that flowers. He never do that to me tho, so i'm a little bit surprise. It's a really great day to spent with my friends and my boyfriend!

Sophie Authentique //                                                                             The Cat Cabin //        
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No. 20A, Kemang, Jakarta                                  Jl. Kemang Raya No. 31, Kemang, Jakarta
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Mon-Thur  9h - 18h                                                                                10h - 21h
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